Invisalign vs. AlignerCo: How They Compare

Teeth straightening procedures are no exception to the amazing medical breakthroughs of the last few decades. It was a fantastic breakthrough when Invisalign debuted the first clear aligner in 1997, delivering the same power as braces but without the metal. The transformation, however, did not end there.

As companies seek to improve clear aligner treatment, some, such as AlignerCo, have created a technique to complete the process totally at home. Invisalign’s excellent aligner design was made even more practical with at-home aligner treatments.

Although the aligners from Invisalign and AlignerCo appear to be identical, their treatment procedures are significantly different. Below we have compared AlignerCo vs Invisalign so continue reading.

AlignerCo. Vs. Invisalign: Treatment Quality

If you choose Invisalign, you’ll have to visit your orthodontist every day for the duration of the treatment. That means you’ll need to see your dentist for everything from the first procedure to the follow-up care. If necessary, your orthodontist will make immediate changes to your treatment plan. For individuals who prefer immediate, tailored care, Invisalign is the best option.

AlignerCo, on the other hand, operates in a somewhat different way. There are no appointment system. Instead, you take your tooth impressions and send them to AlignerCo, and the entire treatment takes place remotely.

Invisalign vs. AlignerCo

After you submit your observations, AlignerCo evaluates them and develops a treatment plan for you. After you agree on the plan, they will mail your aligners.

Treatment Duration

If you choose AlignerCo, it will take you on average seven to 11 months. Invisalign users, on the other hand, can anticipate finishing their treatment in 12-18 months.


In comparison to other at-home aligner brands, AlignerCo is the most affordable option. You won’t find teeth straightening procedures at AlignerCo’s inexpensive costs anywhere else. Their starting price is $1145, which includes everything you’ll need, including the impression kit and post-treatment retainers.

Invisalign treatment, on the other hand, does not have predetermined pricing. This is because the price varies based on your orthodontist and the severity of your condition. Invisalign treatment costs range from $3000 to $8000 on average.