Signs You Need a Dental Crown

Crowns can be difficult to work with. In contrast to other dental issues, determining whether a crown is required can be extremely challenging. Fortunately, we can assist you.

Continue reading to find out what a dental crown is, how to tell whether you need one, and how to determine if you do.

What Is a Dental Crown?

The root and the crown are the two sections of a tooth. The section of the tooth below the gum line is called the root. The crown is the part of the tooth that is visible above the gum line.

A dental crown is a cap that goes over the top of a tooth and protects it. It’s a protective “cap” that looks natural on top of your teeth.

A dental crown can also enhance the tooth’s shape, functionality, and aesthetics. This strengthens your tooth and restores its structural integrity, restoring its health.

Signs you need a dental crown

There are various signs that hint at the need for dental crown and these are as follow:-

1. Broken or Cracked Tooth

Signs You Need a Dental Crown

If your tooth is decayed to the point where it is breaking, a filling will not be adequate to keep it together. A crown will hold the tooth together and protect it from further damage. If cracks have formed, you may be in terrible discomfort and therefore unable to chew properly. A crown will protect your tooth while also reducing your pain.

2. You Have an Advanced Cavity

If your tooth becomes infected as a result of serious decay, you will need to have a crown fitted over the tooth. The nerve of your tooth will be extracted during your root canal, leaving it feeble and therefore unable to support itself. To restore functioning, a crown will be placed over your teeth.

3. Large Filling

A filling involves removing the decayed section of a tooth, cleaning the area, and then filling the cavity with a filling substance. The remaining tooth region is fragile and prone to breaking if the filling is large. In these circumstances, a crown will be used to shield the tooth from stress and cracks.

4. Broken Cusps

Cusps are the pointed elements of your teeth that are utilized for breaking food. They can get broken. Cusps break off from time to time, and when this happens, we must protect the tooth by putting a crown.