Best Exercises for TMJ           

TMJ disorders are a collection of ailments that cause discomfort and impairment in the jaw joint and the muscles that regulate jaw movements.

Although surgical therapy may be needed in some situations, the discomfort and suffering associated with TMJ issues are usually only transient and can be eased with non-invasive treatments such as TMJ exercises.

Below we have listed the most effective TMJ exercises that will help you in pain relief.

1. Resist Mouth-Closing

This is done by pressing down on your chin while locking your mouth. Place your thumbs beneath your chin as the initial step.

Place your index fingers between the line of your mouth and the bottom of your chin. Finally, when you close your mouth, use your fingers and thumbs to softly press down on your chin.

2. Resist Mouth-Opening

While opening your mouth, you can also apply gentle pressure to your chin. Place two fingers beneath your chin to begin. Then, gently open your mouth while gently pressing down with your fingers. Finally, hold this position for 4 to 7 seconds before closing your mouth slowly.

3. Tongue Lifts

Best Exercises for TMJ

This exercise requires slowly opening and shutting your mouth while maintaining your tongue in contact with the roof of your mouth. You can do this exercise as many times as you like.

4. Side-to-Side Jaw Slide

The very first step is to carefully bite down on your front teeth with a one-quarter-inch thick material. You can, however, use almost anything. After you’ve got your thing, slowly shift your jaw from side to side. In addition, as the workout becomes “easier,” increase the thickness of the object.

5. Forward Jaw Movement

As with the previous task, make sure you have an object that is a one-quarter inch thick. Move your jaw forward while softly holding it between your front teeth. Make sure that your bottom teeth are in front of your upper teeth. Replace the item with something thicker when it becomes simpler.